Meet Our Juices: Cold Pressed in DC

Red Earth: Beets, Apple, Carrot, Ginger

Revive: Apple, Celery, Cucumber and Lime

Sunrise: Orange, Apple, Celery, Carrot

Yin & Yang: Apple, Carrot, Cucumber, Orange, Ginger


 Our Granola: 100% Vegan and Crunchy

Original: Vanilla & Almond

Chocolate: Vanilla, Almond, and Vegan Chocolate

Harvest: Vanilla, Almond, Apple, Cinnamon, Ginger

Maple Bourbon: Vanilla, Maple Syrup, Bourbon, Allspice, Ginger


Our Bars: 100% Vegan and Soft Baked

Original: Vanilla & Almond

Chocolate: Vanilla, Almond, Vegan Chocolate, Beets

Carrot Cake: Vanilla, Almond, Carrots, Cinnamon, Ginger

Gingerbread: Vanilla, Almond, Molasses, Ginger


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Fresh & Small Batches

Made in DC


100% Cold Pressed

100% Organic Produce


Unique Flavors

Seasonal Choices


Soft Baked Bars

100% Vegan