Does your juice contain any added sugars?

We keep things simple. We don't add any sugars or to our juices. All the sweetness you taste comes from the fruits and vegetables.

No water added either!


Is your juice pasteurized or processed?

Our juices are cold pressed, raw and never pasteurized. Keep them refrigerated and consume before the best by date 


Is the granola gluten free or vegan?

Naturally oats are gluten free, but they are processed where flour is. Our granola, bars and juice are all vegan.


How can I set up a sampling at my studio, gym, retail location?

Email us at and we can set up a time to stop by!


Do you offer wholesale and bulk discounts?

Yes! We love to collaborate with local businesses. Contact us at


Where do you make your products?

In North East DC in a Food Safe Kitchen called, Taste Lab